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Hospital Measures: Dashboard of Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions

ACSC hospitalization rates have been suggested as an outcome-oriented measure of quality and capacity for primary care delivery. This dashboard shows the trend in these rates for a group of hospitals.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

Excel dashboard created by:
Neman Khokhar
Hospital Administrator
British Columbia, Canada
Also see his Abstracting & Submission Turnaround Dashboard

Neman Khokhar, who has owned Dashboard Reporting With Excel for several years, explained the purpose of this report.

"Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions (ACSC’s)," he explained, "are specific conditions for which good outpatient or primary care can potentially prevent the need for hospitalization, decrease the length of time of hospitalization, or for which early intervention can prevent complications or more severe disease. This dashboard summarizes the ACSC’s at various levels: diagnosis within a specific facility, within several facilities and within a region."

As  I quoted him in A Hospital Administrator Shows How Excel Dashboards Improve Outcomes, he found the dashboard format useful because it allows him to present the data in an abbreviated form, which allows him to display more measures on one page. Although Neman said he's not a technical person, he created this dashboard from scratch, using the techniques explained in the book.

Notice that Neman's Legend explains more than the traditional chart series information. It also explains the numerical data that each chart figure contains. He uses a technique described in Chapter 3 of the book to return a numeric label within each chart, a label that updates each time he recalculates by pressing Excel's F9 key.

And notice how Neman uses colors in this dashboard. Blue headings = Northeast regions, Green headings = Northern Interior regions, and Red headings = Northwest regions. Also, notice the color coding on the left margin, which indicates various levels of consolidation of the data.

You can use Excel dashboard templates to set up a similar report like this quickly and inexpensively.

Note to non-financial people: Excel users who work outside of Finance often write me to say that dashboards seem to be designed only for financial information. So if you're a non-financial person, notice that both of Neman's dashboards have nothing to do with finance.

ACSC hospitalization rates measure quality and capacity for healthcare. This dashboard shows the trend in these rates for a group of hospitals.


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