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A Hospital Administrator Shows How Excel Dashboards Improve Outcomes

These Excel dashboards, created by a 'non-technical' hospital administrator, help to monitor healthcare activities and improve patient care.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports
Like many other industries, hospitals must report information to a variety of agencies. This Excel dashboard reports each hospital's

ACSC hospitalization rates have been suggested as an outcome-oriented measure of quality and capacity for primary care delivery. This

When I exchanged emails with Neman Khokhar, a hospital administrator in Canada, I asked him why so many hospitals and clinics are using my dashboards.

"In healthcare, there has been a lot of attention recently paid to patient safety, quality improvement, and measurement," he wrote. "I'm using your Excel dashboard method to apply towards quality improvement teams as well as to general indicators."

Neman sent me two of his dashboards he created after reading Dashboard Reporting With Excel. To learn more about them, click an image on the right, or choose Hospital Measures: Dashboard of Abstracting & Submission Turnaround and Hospital Measures: Dashboard of Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions.

Neman explained that most hospitals, or at least those in Canada, monitor indicators like:

  • Volume of patients (total number of visits)
  • Total days in hospital
  • % of planned vs. unplanned readmissions
  • Mortality rates
  • Turnaround times for various tests / procedures / processes
  • Top 25 CMGs (Case Mix Groups - or Diagnostically Related Groups in the US)

Quality Improvement Teams, he wrote, use specific performance indicators. This helps them determine if changes in their processes make any difference in outcomes.

"An increasing number of healthcare clients have been looking at metrics and measurement recently," he wrote. "because healthcare has been relatively slow to adopt a lot of the measures that many other industries have used.

"As I am mostly a health services administrator rather than a technical person, I have not applied all of your techniques for updating of dashboards. But I have used many of the principles to summarize data and create what is termed a 'family of measures' on a single page.

"The real advantage for me has been that, since I'm monitoring several hospitals at one time, or several physicians at one time, or even several diagnosis/procedures at one time, the techniques for creating small charts are of particular use, allowing me to present the data in an abbreviated form."



Hospital Measures: Dashboard of Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions

Hospital Measures: Dashboard of Abstracting & Submission Turnaround

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