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Hospital Measures: Dashboard of Abstracting & Submission Turnaround

Like many other industries, hospitals must report information to a variety of agencies. This Excel dashboard reports each hospital's record of performance in submitting such data.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

Excel dashboard created by:
Neman Khokhar
Hospital Administrator
British Columbia, Canada
Also see his Ambulatory Care Sensitive Conditions Dashboard

Neman Khokhar, who has owned Dashboard Reporting With Excel for several years, wrote that this is one of the first dashboards he created after buying my ebook.

"It compares the turnaround time for submitting data to a national database, showing several institutions in a health authority. Iíve also grouped the facilities by color to denote different sizes of facilities."

As  I quoted him in Excel Dashboards in Hospitals & Clinics, he found the dashboard format useful because it allows him to present the data in an abbreviated form, which allows him to display more measures on one page. Although Neman said he's not a technical person, he created this dashboard from scratch, using the techniques explained in the book.

Notice that Neman's Legend also includes other explanatory notes. Chapter 2 of the book explains how to set up one legend per page, rather than one legend per chart.

If you want to set up something like this quickly, this page offers examples of several Excel dashboards that you could set up quickly.

Note to non-financial people: Excel users who work outside of Finance often write me to say that dashboards seem to be designed only for financial information. So if you're a non-financial person, notice that both of Neman's dashboards have nothing to do with finance.


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