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Known Web Sites of Current and Former Excel MVPs

If you're looking for help with Excel, a great place to start is with the web sites of current and former Microsoft Excel MVPs.

Also, here are the Books Written by Current and Former Excel MVPs.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

These are all the web sites I've been able to find that are maintained by current and former Excel MVPs. If you have any corrections or additions, please contact me.

In addition to the names and sites, I've included the Alexa Traffic Rank during the middle of November, 2012, for those that were ranked at that time. The lower the number, the more traffic a site gets. To illustrate, in November, 2012, Google, Facebook, and YouTube were ranked 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

Also, for sites in a language other than English, I include the language.

Alexander, Mike
Alexa: 218,86

Aliyev, Aydin

Avidan, Michael (Micky)

Barresse, Zack
Alexa: 117,911
with Jake Hildenbrand

Barresse, Zack
Alexa: 2,039,201
with Christopher Fennell, a non-MVP

Bastick, Liam
Alexa: 942,110

Beban, Alan

Bovey, Rob
Alexa: 573,322

Brown, Domenic
Alexa: 1,398,381

Bullen, Stephen
Alexa: 529,015

Cabon, Florence (Misange)
Alexa: 292,444

Campos, Sergio Alejandro
Alexa: 185,114

Celemin, Sergio Andres
Alexa: 223,972

Chih-Yang, Chen
Alexa: 1,219,038

Cinquegrani, Fernando
Alexa: 4,744,838

Collie, Rob
Alexa: 140,520

Dalgleish, Debra
Alexa: 35,214

Duggirala, Purnachandra R.
Alexa: 16,978

de Bruin, Ron
Alexa: 112,500
Dutch & English

Engwirda, Andrew
Alexa: 5,234,936
Japanese & English

Ferrero, Ed

Ferry, Daniel
Alexa: 1,295,438

Filho, Orlando Magalhăes

Foongkiat, Somkiat
Alexa: 543,176

Frye, Curtis

Gamberini, Mauro
Alexa: 11,986,636

Gersuk, Stephen

Gielis, Wim
Alexa: 6,729,862
Dutch & English

Girvin, Mike

González, Juan Pablo
Alexa: 13,123,742

Govier, Roger
Alexa: 10,263,876

Guen, Frédéric Le
Alexa: 345,937

Hager, David
Alexa: 11,833,654

Hawighorst, Ingeborg
Alexa: 2,680,103

Held, Bernd
Alexa: 4,743,728

Held, Bernd

Hernández, Sergio Alejandro Campos

Hildenbrand, Jake
Alexa: 117,911
with Zack Barresse

Hodge, Nick
Alexa: 9,546,393

Isaacs, Frank

Jain, Ayush
Alexa: 6,445,117

Jelen, Bill
Alexa: 6,094

Josserand, Daniel
Alexa: 1,775,331

Kaji, Masaru
Alexa: 5,292,594

Kim, Cheol

Koul, Ashish

Kusleika, Dick
Alexa: 251,820

Kyd, Charley
Alexa: 110,311

Lacher, John
Alexa: 3,435,434

Legg, Colin
Alexa: 1,552,062

Le Guen, Frédéric
Alexa: 345,937

Liengme, Bernard

Longre, Laurent
Alexa: 3,107,742

Louha, Mourad
Alexa: 2,283,912
English and German

Magnusson, Ture

Marx, Jake

Mathur, Ashish
Alexa: 793,928

McGimpsey, J.E.
Alexa: 1,052,787

McRitchie, David

Mehta, Tushar
Alexa: 387,117

Moala, Ivan F.
Alexa: 8,320,037

Molloy, Patrick

Monier, Catherine
Alexa: 3,461,390

Morrison, Dave

Nasui, Santipong
Alexa: 727,224

Nasui, Santipong
Alexa: 3,153,827

Pandey, Dilip

Pavlov, Nikolay

Pearson, Chip
Alexa: 113,189

Peltier, Jon
Alexa: 97,656

Petrova, Boriana

Philipps, Bob
Alexa: 2,102,555

Pieterse, Jan Karel
Alexa: 433,088

Pope, Andy
Alexa: 530,881

Powell, Rodney
Alexa: 6,092,879

Puls, Ken
Alexa: 313,210

Ramel, Thomas

Rey, Bernard
Alexa: 13,675,184

Rodrigues, Jorge

Rosenberg, Robert

Rothstein, Rick

Sigonneau, Frédéric
Alexa: 11,882,035


Sjoblom, Peo
Alexa: 14,831,015

Smith, Chris “Smitty”
Alexa: 16,668,674

Tamburino, Domenic
Alexa: 1,398,381

Thiriez, Hervé
Alexa: 1,839,461

Umlas, Bob

Urtis, Thomas
Alexa: 702,760

Vivian, Nick
Alexa: 432,283

Walkenbach, John
Alexa: 103,518

Wallentin, Dennis
Alexa: 5,390,442

Weber, Monika
Alexa: 3,887,401

Williams, Charles
Alexa: 872,925

Williams, Charles
Alexa: 852,298

Wyatt, Allen

Ziplies, Hajo
Alexa: 1,884,913


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