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Array Formulas

How to Count the Items that Occur a Certain Number of Times in a List

"I have a list of repair orders (RO). I want to know how many one line repair orders there are in the list. So if a repair order number is repeated I do not want to count that repair order number at all. Only the repair orders that are listed once. Iíve been going nuts trying to figure this out."

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Background Images in Excel

"How can I place a background image and still use the cells that the image covers?"

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Two Ways to Wrap Excel Text

"I am seeking to add a second row within a cell. I am having trouble doing this. What procedure do I need to follow?"

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Using Absolute and Relative Cell References in Excel Formulas

"Could someone send me more details about using $'s like the following: =AVERAGE($6:$6) averages all data in ROW 6. I'd like more details of usages, examples, as this is a great feature that I cannot find information on."

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How to Use Conditional-Format Formulas to Change Background Colors

"I have an Excel table with a column that will be filled with 'yes' or 'no. When a user enters 'yes' to a cell, I need the row that includes the cell to be all the same colour. And if 'no' the row should be a different colour. I can do this for the cell with conditional formatting. But I want to copy the cell's colour to the rest of the row. How can I do it?"

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Debugging INDEX in Excel

"I'm not a very experienced Excel user. Why does = INDEX(...) sometimes work and sometimes not.... :-)?"

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Use VBA Functions to Return Excel Document Properties

"I would like to add a small formula-driven reference in my Excel worksheets that: (1) Automatically notes the original author/user (or last modifier) of the worksheet. (2) Automatically notes when the worksheet was last modified. Any tips would be much appreciated."

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Find Duplicates in Excel Lists

"How do I determine what entries in my very simple spreadsheet contain matching values in 2 columns?"

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Convert All Entries in a Range in Excel to Lower-Case Text

"I am trying to make a range of cells use only lowercase. I know I can tell an individual cell to correct entries, but how do I make a range of cells function this way?"

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How to Define Excel Range Names with a Worksheet Scope

"Your dashboard book defines the same range name in several different worksheets of the same workbook. But when I define the name the second time, the first definition disappears. How are you doing this?"

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Changing Types and Axes in Microsoft Excel Charts

"The chart I want is a stack column chart. Series 1 and 2 should be stacked together... Series 3 should be a line with an axis on the right..."

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Use a Combo Box with Many Criteria in an Excel Database

"I would like to improve my product lookups for my sales staff when they are searching for the code of a product. My spreadsheet requires the code before anything can happen. What I would like to do is to have a field where known data can be entered when you don't know the product code."

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Resetting the Used Range of a Scroll Box

"My scroll box for a particular worksheet is very tiny, but the worksheet only uses rows 1 through 33 and columns A through K.† How can I reset the scroll box so that it is at the bottom of the scroll bar when I am at the bottom of my worksheet, rather than it reaching the bottom only when I reach row 8156 (for example)."

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Use AutoFilter to Delete Rows in Worksheets, Not Macros

"How do I do a macro that only deletes rows or columns containing certain data or words in an Excel database?"

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Rounding Values Up in Excel

"I want to enter a formula in cell J5 that will mark up a price in J5 by 1.8%. And I want the result to be round up to the nearest dollar."

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Consolidating Excel Data from Many Workbooks

"What we regularly need is (1) the ability to send out an Excel template to multiple users ... potentially with multiple templates, tabs or forms per user, (2) the ability to receive these and reliably roll up data from these into a master spreadsheet ... with multiple passes of updates, (3) a way to move from a master index with one-line-per-item to a structured "form" display of the data (tab, form, etc.)."

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Track Dynamic Data with VBA or with Iterative Calculations

"My A1 cell changes value every minute because it imports data from a DDE server. To keep historical data, I would like to list each value in a worksheet minute after minute. That is, when it's 8:00 keep cell A1 value. When it's 8:01 keep cell A1 value, etc."

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Look Up Key Data with an Excel Dropdown List Box

"Iím trying to create a form for tracking the hours that I work and I want it to include the travel time to companies. Ideally Iím looking for a drop down list which, once I select a company, Excel will apply the transit time to a different column."

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