Nevada City

Nevada City

  • Type: Worker Placement
  • Players: 2-4 Players
  • Length: > 120 minutes
  • Status: Available Now
  • MSRP: $69.95
  • Stock #: RIO566
  • UPC: 655132005661
  • Designer: Alan Ernstein
  • Artist: Claus Stephan, Antje Stephan

Nevada City is game for 2-4 players set in Old West.

Each player represents a founding family, determined to shape the town’s growth in the 1800’s. The players will need to produce and sell resources and hire workers in order to build the businesses that will meet the needs of the growing town.

But life in the old west is fraught with uncertainty. Hardships awaiting the founding families include the arrival of dangerous travelers, drought, and fire.

The player who best overcomes these challenges becomes the new mayor of Nevada City.

Check out the trailer below!  (On the Video Tab)



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