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Excel Reporting and Financial Topics

Excel reports, analyses, forecasts, budgets, and other displays that don't emphasize charts or dashboards. Also, topics about using Excel for financial analysis.

For help about worksheet functions that summarize data for your reports, and also financial functions, see All Excel Worksheet Functions, with Links to Help Topics. And for help with formulas that use these functions, see Excel Formulas, Data, Tables, & VBA.

Professional Presentations

How Two Free Sites Can Make Colors for Your Excel Reports More Professional

Microsoft's built-in color themes offer few ways to generate professional-quality color palettes for your Excel reports.

But two free sites built for web designers offer some great color tools for Excel users.

(None Yet)

Interactive Reporting

How to Use Slicers to Control Settings in Your Reports and Analyses

Interactive reporting with slicersSlicers normally are used with PivotTables and Excel Tables.

But you also can set them up to control settings, just as you would when you use Validation Lists.

Reporting Tools

How to Set Up Cascading List Boxes for Filtered Excel Reports

You can set up cascading list boxes so that your second list of items changes in response to the item you selected from your first list.

You could use a primary-secondary list structure like this to choose the names of people in the selected department, the products you buy from a selected vendor, and so on.

Reporting Strategies

Do Your Excel Reports Document Performance? Or Communicate It?

In your Excel reports and analyses, there's a huge difference between documenting performance and communicating it.

Do you know that difference?

Management Reporting

Five Best Practices in Your Excel Reporting Strategies

Your Excel reports and analyses often can abuse your managers. Here are five best practices to follow in planning your management reports.

Modeling and Simulation

How to Create Monte Carlo Models and Forecasts Using Excel Data Tables

The Monte Carlo method helps you to create statistically accurate forecasts. And Excel Data Tables allow you to create Monte Carlo forecasts without using macros. Here's how...

Monte Carlo Forecast

Modeling and Simulation

Introduction to Probabilistic Simulations in Excel

You can use probability distributions to manage the uncertainty about your assumptions when you create simulations in Excel. Here's how.

Excel chart of a normal curve with shaded areas.

Error Reduction

Seven Ways to Avoid Errors In Excel Reports & Analyses

You can find many stories on the web about problems with spreadsheet errors.

So here are some quick and easy ways to avoid errors in your Excel reports and analyses.

Report Distribution

How to Save Multiple Excel Reports to One PDF File

You can save any number of Excel reports to one PDF file using only Excel. Here's how to do it.

Interactive Reporting

Five Ways to Make Your Excel Reports Incredibly Popular

Many Excel reports are a waste of time and money. But that's not the worst of it...

In many companies, Excel reporting turns Excel users into spreadsheet clerks, and wastes the incredible benefits that Excel users can bring to your organization.

Here's how to make your Excel reports both valuable and popular.

Mobile Reporting

Will Tablets and Readers Transform Management Reporting with Excel?

Kindle DXTablets and readers could transform the delivery of Excel-based dashboards and other reports.

Rather than printing reports, you could display your reports as PDF files on tablets and readers.

Here are some ideas to get you started...

Interactive Reporting

Compare Loan Payment Options in Excel

Loan payment calculatorMortgage lenders give you many options for your interest rate and amortization period.

This workbook helps you to choose from among them.

Interactive Reporting

How to Set Up a Data-Validation List Box in Excel

Excel's Validation ListThe 'List' Feature of Excel's Data Validation command offers a quick and easy way to set up a dropdown list box. Here, for example, you can choose either North or South.

Interactive Reporting

How to Use Advanced Filters to Create a Unique List of Items from an Excel Table

Advanced filterExcel's Advanced Filter command provides a quick way to generate a unique list of items found in an Excel table. Here's how to generate the list.

Dynamic Reporting

Create Dynamic Variable-Length 'Accordion' Reports Linked to Tables

When you change a criteria value in a cell, Excel can use formulas and conditional formatting to expand or contract your report automatically, without macros. Here's how.


How to Foot and Cross-Foot Excel Reports in a Floating-Point World

 An Excel table that's footed and cross-footed correctly.

To reduce errors in Excel reports, you should foot and cross-foot them. But Excel's floating-point arithmetic gets in the way. Here's how to get around this problem.

Excel Databases

Use an Excel 'Cash Flow Balance Sheet' to See Sources & Uses of Funds

A comparative balance sheet report from Excel, with sources and uses of funds.

Use Excel to get a clearer picture of how changes in your Balance Sheet affect your cash flow.

Use Excel to Fix Your Broken Accounts Receivable Measure

This is why DSO is a terrible measure.

Here, all invoices are paid in 45 days. But when sales grow quickly, longer averaging periods produce larger DSOs. Excel can fix this problem.

Add Cash Flow Information to Your Excel Balance Sheets

A balance sheet that includes sources and uses of funds.

A simple change to your Excel balance sheet can provide key cash flow information.

Use INDEX-MATCH or VLOOKUP to Populate Invoices and POs

A simple invoice that relies on Excel lookup formulas to populate it.

This simple invoicing system allows you to keep a list of products and prices, then populate an invoice with the item and quantity you choose.

Manage Periodic Payments with an Excel Cash Calendar

Does your company need to make scheduled payments to companies that don't send invoices? This Excel worksheet will help to plan those cash requirements.

Use Conditional Formatting to Manage Customer Tasks

The lower table specifies the code and color to use for each employee. The upper the assignments in use.

A manager needs to assign employee color codes to tasks they perform for customers. Here's one way to do it with conditional formatting.

Show Key Stats Automatically in Periodic Excel Reports

Each issue of Business Week magazine used to include several figures titled "The Stat". These figures emphasize key data related to the article on the page where the figure appeared.

Here's how to display miscellaneous facts and figures in your Excel management reports, and update them automatically.

Reporting Strategies

Create a Manager Early-Warning System in Excel

Excel can analyze data from many sources in one workbook. This makes it the ideal program to alert managers to problems that other software can't see.

Reporting Methods

Automatically Sort Data in Reports Using Excel Formulas

Many Excel reports include tables with sorted results. You don't need to perform these sorts manually or with macros. Your formulas can do it for you.

Data Strategies

How to Use Excel to Find Errors After a System Conversion

If you're going through a system conversion, you know how many hidden errors there can be. Here's how to find them easily.

Reporting Strategies

Thirteen Ways to Improve Your Monthly Board Reports with the Help of Excel

An experienced financial consultant and Board member describes the problems typical with many Board Reports. Here's how Excel users can fix many of those problems.

Financial Management

Predict Business Bankruptcy Using Z Scores with Excel

Is your largest customer heading for bankruptcy? Your most important vendors? Your own employer? The best-known analytical tool for predicting the likelihood of business bankruptcy is the Z-Score. Here's how to calculate Z-Scores with Excel.

Management Reporting

Find the Variances That Matter with Excel

Your company can waste significant time and money trying to control insignificant, uncontrollable, and random variances. Instead, Excel users can filter variances to find those that matter.

Getting Organized

Use Conditional Formatting to Manage Employee Tasks

A manager needs to assign employee color codes to various tasks they perform for customers. Here's one way to do it with conditional formatting.

Free Excel Dashboards

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