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Charley's Swipe File #17

This professional-quality figure uses two sets of bullet charts in Excel to show two extremes of performance for employees, regions, products, etc.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

Charley's Swipe File #17(Most of my swipe files use Greeking, which is fake Latin. It helps you ignore the textual content and focus on the actual charts and tables.)

This figure uses two sets of bullet charts to show two extremes of performance.

Although each set of five bullet charts looks like a separate chart, the figure uses only one chart. Do you know how this is done?

Usage Ideas

You can use this figure to display the extremes of any collection of data categories: products, regions, employees, departments, and so on. The figure could display performance for the month, or the year to date, or the most-recent 12 months of performance, or whatever.

Also, of course, you could display more or fewer items in the top and bottom set, and you could display only one set rather than two.

From the documentation for this swipe file...

The first-two and last-two columns of data perform two purposes. First, of course, they show values for the amount of growth and for the percentage of growth, which the chart displays. Second, however, they act as a legend for the chart. The bright blue color shows actual performance and the dull blue color shows targeted performance.

The chart must use both its Primary and Secondary axes settings to display the bullet plots. But the two value axes (here, the horizontal axes) must be synchronized. To do so, the chart relies on series #2 (displayed on the Primary Axis) and #4 (displayed on the Secondary Axis); and both series display values for the same Sync range. To see how this works, be sure to check out the formulas in the Sync range in sheet A.

The key to synchronizing two axes (or two charts) is to make sure that....

(Continued in the documentation.)

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