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Give Your VIPs Greater Insight, Learn Excel Charting Tricks, and Save Money!

Your Very Important People will want to understand your data when you display it with charts like these. And now, you can get these chart figures in three ways for a HUGE savings.

by Charley Kyd, MBA
Microsoft Excel MVP, 2005-2014
The Father of Spreadsheet Dashboard Reports

As a young manager, my primary job was to help other managers better understand their business performance. So I loved Excel when it first came out, because it would make the data faster and easier for my managers to understand... and it would make my reports look more professional.

But I had a problem...I knew nothing about graphical design. I had no idea how to use Excel to create better-looing reports for managers.

So I started to clip examples of good displays from magazines and newspapers, and save them in a swipe-file collection. Then, when I had a reporting idea for a chart or table, I'd swipe a design idea from one of those clippings and try to duplicate it in Excel.

This process gave me a huge benefit that I hadn't planned on: By working to create Excel versions of professional charts, I had to work out tricks with Excel that no one else had discovered. And now, you can learn these tricks by working with my files.

You can see images from a few of my 76 Swipe Files in the figures at the right.

Get Your Own Collection
Of High-Quality Excel Charts and Tables
To Use in Reports and Presentations

These swipe files are the world's largest collection of professionally designed Excel charts and tables. Here are just a few ways you can use them:

  • In Excel—Learn advanced Excel charting techniques. Use the files to spark ideas for new displays. Expand your ideas of what's possible to do in Excel. Save time when you create new charts. And impress your VIPs!
  • In Word & PDF—Add professional-quality charts and tables to your reports, white papers, and other important documents.
  • In PowerPoint & Keynote—Show professionally designed charts and tables in your presentations.
  • In HTML—Add great-looking images of Excel charts and tables to your web pages.

Learn From My Documentation

You receive a "Getting Started" PDF file that explains how to use your swipe files with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and HTML.

Also, each set of files includes additional documentation. I keep these pages short, because I want to make each set of files quick and easy to use. But even though it's short, the documentation is important for several reasons.

First, it provides quick training. If there's something important about the substance of a display...or if I use a special trick to make the display work...or if a chart requires special settings...or if there's some limitation to the display...I'll tell you. I'll also provide quick information about how to change the display to fit your needs. 

Second, the documentation will give you a better idea of what's possible to do in Excel, both visually and technically. Soon, your charts and tables will start to look more professional even if you only skim the documentation and displays when you receive them.

Third, the documentation is designed so you can print it and put it in a binder. Then, when you need ideas for displaying data, you quickly can flip through your binder and find what you need.

These Files Are a HUGE Value!

I was originally going to charge a premium price for these charts. Here's why...

  • You'll significantly improve the quality of the your Excel reports, Word & PDF documents, PowerPoint presentations, and HTML figures.
  • You'll save time. Rather than working to make your ordinary Excel charts and tables look okay, you'll find great-looking designs in my swipe files, and then SWIPE them!
  • You'll impress managers, customers, and clients with the professional appearance of your work.
  • The magazine clippings I've accumulated over twenty years are unique and irreplaceable. It's impossible for you to get such a wide variety of professional-quality chart designs from any other source.
  • You're licensed to use my swipe files at work and at home. So you're getting two sets for the price of one!
  • If you have clients, you probably can find ways to offer billable services by combining one or more of these files and your clients' data.

In fact, these files offer so much value that I plan to raises prices soon.

Three Ways to Get Charley's Swipe Files

This collection of professional-quality Excel displays is a unique resource for your all your reports and presentations. You can get them in three ways...

1. Get them individually. To do so, go to Page 1 and then Page 2, click on each chart that interests you, then follow the instructions at the bottom of each chart's description page to get the charts you want.

New Excel2. Save 55% when you get them as a subscription. You can get one chart every 15 days, starting with my Swipe File #1. You'll be charged $1.00 when you first subscribe, and then $12.95 every 30 days. In total, you get a discount of 55% off the individual prices. To start your subscription, click here. You can send me an email to cancel at any time.

New Excel3. Save 65% when you get them in a bundle. You can get all 76 Swipe Files immediately, in a bundle, for $389.00...a discount of 65% off the individual prices. These files are designed for all versions of Excel, beginning with Excel 2007. To get your bundle of all 76 Swipe Files, click here.


Availability: Immediate download for the non-subscription options.
Licensing: One work copy plus one personal copy.
File Formats: PC or Mac. PDF documentation.
A Few of the Charts Available
You can see more charts here. (The Latin-looking text in many of these figures is called "Greeking." You can substitute any text you want.)

Charley's Swipe File Chart #4
#4: Displays like this are known as "small multiples" or "trellis displays" or "panel charts." They're designed to help readers understand three-dimensional data.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #11
#11: This mini-dashboard report for Excel uses many tricks in each chart to produce a high-quality business report.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #16
#16: These professional-quality Excel charts display buckets of performance for top sales people, regions, products, customers, measures, vendors, etc.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #24
#24: This Excel figure shows a great way to set up a legend with a lot of text and the most-recent value. You could use it in nearly any business report.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #29
#29: This Excel chart shows a trend compared with a primary Boolean (yes-no) condition and three secondary Boolean conditions.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #31
#31: This professional Excel chart, which shows percentage performance by category, can be used to compare percentages for virtually any data.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #34
#34: The dynamic legend in this Excel chart figure sorts automatically so it's arranged in the same order as the most-recent period of data.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #36
#36: The Profit-Loss legend and the black and red dots in the transparent columns make this Excel chart figure distinctive.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #43
#43: Use a split trend line in your Excel charts to make it easier for your readers to see changes in the performance of time-series data.

Charley's Swipe File Chart #53
#53: This Excel chart helps your readers to better evaluate performance by showing them the range in which past measures have trended in recent years.

Charley's Swipe File #62...Two Excel implementations of Stephen Fews Bullet Charts
#62: These bullet graphs show the same information that dashboard gauges do, but they're smaller and easier to read.