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Our Mission

The mission of Rio Grande Games is to promote the playing of games, which offer the players choices. We do so by publishing adult and family strategy games, although children with appropriate parental supervision will enjoy playing many of these games.

Our Company

We first started thinking of starting Rio Grande Games because we believed that family strategy games, which are based on offering players choices instead of asking them to rely on luck, are games that should be available to players. We knew such games were successful in Germany and wanted to make them available to people in the US. After some investigation, we decided to begin publishing English versions of these choice games so that English-speaking players could enjoy them, so we launched the Rio Grande Games to do just that.

One advantage of these games is that they promote social activity both in the family and among friends. We are particularly interested in getting families to play these games together. Playing good games together is a great way for families to spend social time together. Because these games require that players make choices on each turn during the game, players cannot rely on luck. Thus, these games reward good choices. When children play these games in a family setting, they learn that the choices they make are important. We believe that the lessons children learn while playing our games will be carried into their lives and they will learn that making good choices in life leads to the same good results as they do in games.

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