• Type: Card Games
  • Players: 2-4 Players
  • Length: 30-60 minutes
  • Status: Out of Print
  • MSRP: $29.95
  • Stock #: RIO401
  • Designer: Zoltán Aczél, Zoltán Ágó

The economy was clearly on the wrong track and created a civilization on shaky grounds.  It is a world full of chaos and panic. The old values were all gone. After all the resources had been exhausted, magic was mortgaged and technical developments were forgotten. The people of the real and the fantasy worlds struggled to survive in caves.

A new generation appeared, whose members inherited all the bad features of their ancestors. Now there’s a new fashion gaining ground: everyone collects relics from the past. People are crazy about ancient weapons, vehicles, and crystals. These are the only things of value left. Nothing is more comforting than the glory of the old world. The newly found companies are competing to lay their greedy hands on these valuables. Test your skills in the world of Krysis. You are running a company with a squad of agents. You will try to build up teams with high initiative, combat value, and loading capacity to beat your competitors who will be vying for crystals and relics. The prevailing maxim of these tumultuous times is emerging: “Take everything you can!” A grim idea if it starts to spread into other worlds.


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