Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal

Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal

  • Type: Economic
  • Players: 2-6 Players
  • Length: 90-120 minutes
  • Status: Out of Print
  • MSRP: $24.95
  • Stock #: RIO403
  • UPC: 655132004039
  • Designer: Friedemann Friese
  • Artist: Maura Kalusky

Power Grid: Brazil/Spain & Portugal includes two new maps for Power Grid.

This expansion also includes its own box of the same dimensions as the Power Grid box so you can store your other expansion maps!

The Brazil map offers scarce resources and large connection costs for a more challenging game.

The Spain & Portugal map introduces a rapid expansion of nuclear and ecological power. Players who want to stay competitive to branch out from fossil fuels.


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