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July 7, 2020

Southern Rails Announced

Rio Grande Games is very pleased to announce the next game in the Winsome Game series: Southern Rails.

Southern Rails follows the release of Gulf, Mobile & Ohio (GM&O) earlier this year. Another game in the series (which was previously announced), Trans-Siberian Railroad, will be available later this year.

This game, set in the Southern United States, has simple rules and a clever scoring system. Southern Rails can be learned in just a few minutes – there are only 4 pages of rules. Six historical railroads are featured in the game.  After an initial round of drafting two shares from different railroads, each player decides where to place track on the board for a railroad in which they have a share.

Each time a railroad places their 10th track on the game board, the game is interrupted for a scoring round. There are several categories that are used for scoring. However, a category will only score if there is a clear winner. Ties for dominance in a category will result in no points being awarded.  The game ends after a fourth scoring round.


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