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January 27, 2022

Dice Realms Release Delayed

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From Jay Tummelson, founder and co-owner of Rio Grande Games:

Although we have received Dice Realms in our warehouse, we have delayed shipping the game due to a problem found with some of the dice. The problem is that a small number of the dice will not hold the dice faces. Although the number of defective dice is small (often only 1 in a game), and it appears that it happens as often as in 30% of the games, we are especially disappointed as we have not had this problem before with either Rattlebones or Race for the Galaxy: Rivalry, both of which used customizable dice from this manufacturer. We contacted the dice manufacturer, who has determined the cause of the problem and agreed to produce complete replacement sets of dice and ship them to us. We will test a sample of the sets to verify they have corrected the problem and then use these sets to replace all the sets in the games. After that, we will fill the orders we have so that players will get games with the corrected dice. Based on the preliminary schedule for the work, we expect to be able to ship the good games by the end of March. Of course, if that changes, we will let everyone know. Thanks for your patience and understanding of this unexpected problem.

For our European customers, who got shipped games before we knew there was a manufacturing issue, please use the Rio Grande Games’ Customer Contact form if your copy has any faulty dice, so we can send you working dice. We apologize for your inconvenience.

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