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January 27, 2022

Dominion Seaside 2nd Edition announced!

Seaside is getting a second edition. Hooray! There will be 9 new cards and an update pack for those customers who already own the first edition of Seaside. A few cards will also get minor errata, but will not appear in the update pack.

It’s been a long time coming! At first, I thought Seaside 2E would follow soon after Intrigue 2E, then for years, it didn’t happen. It came about really from a wave of work on Dominion during the pandemic, that started with the upcoming Allies expansion. I gradually warmed to the idea and now it’s, well, not that far off.

So far we expect Seaside 2E in people’s hands in April (in English; we don’t know about other languages, but German, Japanese, and Dutch will probably not be far behind). I will update everyone if the date changes or becomes more pinned down. And I expect to do previews just before the release.

So until then, you do at least get to speculate: what cards are leaving?

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